Thrifting Finds and Cool Old Stuff

What do I like about thrift stores and estate sales and garage sales and eBay and … ? It’s a treasure hunt!

But I have too much stuff and am not enjoying it enough. So I am starting this new blog to show off things I find, things I treasure, and things I could be persuaded to get rid of. Won’t you join me?


Newest finds


Kreiss choirboys, marked “1956,” with “Japan” label



Magic Chef sale shaker–didn’t find the pepper.


“Sprinkle Plenty” with metal sprinkler top.


Marked “japan.”


Egg cups. The one on the right is marked “W. Goebel” and “1964.”

I haven’t posted for such a long time. Here are my¬† most recent thrift store and estate sales finds.

Belleek vase

belleekStopped at the thrift store to drop off donations, took a quick look around, and found this Belleek vase for $1.09. Retail is about $35.

All the Belleek I have either was a gift or was found cheap at a thrift store.

I love cactus

I haven’t posted anything for a long time, partly because I am trying to “de-accession”–my spouse suggested I might find it easier to get rid of things if I gave it a fancy name! But I stopped in an antique store today and saw this marked way down. If was originally a “Drip-O-Lator,” but does not have its inner aluminum parts. Who cares?cactus pot